Vietnam PM Acts on E-Cigarettes and HNB

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    Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Phạm Minh Chính, addresses concerns over e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products by issuing directives to key ministries and agencies.

    Government Directives

    Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính assigns responsibilities to several government agencies to strengthen the management of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. The Ministry of Health leads educational campaigns, while other ministries focus on customs inspection, border controls, investigative work, and market management.

    Ministry of Health’s Role

    The Ministry of Health educates the public about the dangers of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products and proposes further management measures to address the issue effectively.

    Customs Inspection and Control

    The Ministry of Finance guides customs authorities in rigorously inspecting and controlling smuggled products, with special task forces established to combat smuggling activities.

    Border Controls and Patrols

    The Ministry of Defense strengthens patrols and controls in border areas to detect and prevent smuggling, storage, and transportation of these products.

    Investigative Work and Enforcement

    The Ministry of Public Security enhances investigative efforts to dismantle smuggling networks and tackle the sale of illicit products.

    Market Management and Crackdown

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade intensifies market management and cracks down severely on illegal sales, storage, and transportation of these products.

    Local Government Involvement

    Provincial and municipal authorities conduct regular inspections, handle violations, and promote awareness campaigns to safeguard public health at the grassroots level.


    Vietnam’s Prime Minister’s emergency directives demonstrate the government’s commitment to regulating e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. Through coordinated efforts, Vietnam aims to strengthen regulation, combat smuggling, and protect public health.