The Crackdown on Illegal E-Cigarettes in Ho Chi Minh City

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    Enforcement Actions

    Total Seizures:
    In the first five months of 2024, the Ho Chi Minh City Market Management Department handled nearly 20 cases involving illegal e-cigarettes, confiscating 15,541 items with a total value exceeding 520 million Vietnamese dong (approximately $20,400).

    Recent Case:
    On May 16th, authorities discovered and confiscated 76 units of Vapmod brand e-cigarettes and associated e-liquids being sold without permits, with a total value of 21.2 million Vietnamese dong (approximately $832).

    Regulatory Focus

    Online Sales Inspection:
    The Market Management Department not only inspects traditional retail stores but also focuses on online sales points and e-commerce platforms, particularly those selling e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products not yet permitted in Vietnam, ensuring comprehensive oversight.

    Awareness Campaigns:
    Collaborating with the Youth Union of District 5, the department conducted awareness campaigns about the dangers of e-cigarettes, engaging over 150 students and youth union members to educate the community and deter involvement in the illegal trade.

    Future Initiatives

    Ho Chi Minh City, as Vietnam’s largest city and economic center, pledges to enhance management efforts, intensify inspections, and take decisive action against organizations and individuals involved in the sale and smuggling of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.