Vietnam Mulls Stiff Regulations Against E-Cigarette

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    Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes stringent measures to regulate electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, citing the lack of management policies and the prevalence of illegal marketing activities.

    Proposal for Ban on Circulation

    • Due to the absence of management policies, the Ministry of Industry and Trade suggests prohibiting electronic cigarette products from circulating in Vietnam until relevant regulations are established.

    Challenges in Enforcement and Penalties

    • Current penalties for smuggling and use of electronic cigarettes are deemed insufficient, with law enforcement agencies limited to imposing administrative fines.
    • The absence of criminal penalties similar to those for smuggling tobacco products contributes to rampant illegal marketing activities.

    Government Initiatives and Policy Proposals

    • The Ministry of Industry and Trade has submitted reports to the government proposing policies for managing next-generation tobacco products.
    • Suggestions include incorporating new-generation tobacco products into existing regulations and conducting pilot projects for heated tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.

    Impact on Public Health and Legal Circulation

    • The unregulated circulation of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, primarily through the black market and the internet, poses significant risks to public health.
    • Strengthening policies and laws is crucial to curb illegal marketing activities and protect consumer health.

    Pilot Projects and Collaborative Approaches

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade recommends pilot projects for heated tobacco products and collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Health to study and propose management policies for electronic cigarettes.