E-cigarette regulation in Vietnam: banned?

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    Vietnam’s National Assembly grapples with regulating E-cigarettes amidst conflicting views on health risks and economic interests. The debate underscores the urgency of effective tobacco control measures in safeguarding public health.

    Ministry of Health’s Call for Prohibition

    • Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan strongly advocates banning E-cigarettes and heated tobacco products due to significant health risks.
    • Concerns over minors’ long-term health and potential social disorder are raised by Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Thi Kim Chi.

    Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Argument for Legalization

    • Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Phan Thi Thang emphasizes combating smuggling and trade fraud while prioritizing public health.
    • Detailed research on E-cigarette impacts aims to inform decision-making.

    Health Risks and Hospitalizations

    • Ministry of Health reports over 1,200 hospitalizations linked to E-cigarette use since 2023, with many cases involving drug use.
    • Professor Luong Ngoc Khue notes widespread health concerns across demographics.

    Collaboration and Urgent Action

    • Disagreements highlight the need for departmental cooperation in effectively managing E-cigarettes.
    • Urgent tobacco control measures are essential to address legal and policy obstacles.

    Prior Legislative Efforts

    • A previous meeting addressed E-cigarette regulation, reflecting ongoing efforts to navigate legal challenges.
    • Discussions underscore Vietnam’s commitment to addressing evolving health concerns.


    Vietnam’s debates on the regulation of E-cigarettes highlight the need for collaborative decision-making to protect public health amid competing interests. As debates continue, Vietnam faces critical decisions in shaping its tobacco control approach and safeguarding citizen well-being.