Philippines Mandates Health Warnings on E-Cigarettes

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    The Philippine Department of Health is set to require graphic health warnings (GHW) on all electronic cigarettes and vapor products to increase awareness of the associated health risks.

    Details of the New Regulation

    Implementation of Graphic Health Warnings

    Effective from May 12, 2024, these warnings will illustrate the dangers of both nicotine and non-nicotine vapor products, aiming to educate consumers about their potential health hazards.

    Penalties for Non-Compliance

    Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in fines up to 5 million Philippine Pesos (approximately 86,000 USD), imprisonment, and revocation of business licenses, ensuring strict adherence to the policy.

    Enforcement Measures

    Role of the Bureau of Internal Revenue

    The BIR will oversee the enforcement of these new labeling regulations, with the authority to confiscate non-compliant products, thus safeguarding public health.

    Deportation of Foreign Violators

    Foreign nationals found violating these regulations may face deportation, emphasizing the severity of these new measures.

    Public Involvement

    Reporting Mechanisms

    Citizens are encouraged to report violations to the Department of Trade and Industry, playing a critical role in the successful implementation of this policy.

    Impact and Expectations

    Public Health Goals

    This initiative aims to diminish the allure of vaping products, especially among youth, and to educate the public on the risks involved with their use.

    Challenges and Anticipated Outcomes

    While compliance may be challenging for manufacturers and retailers, it is expected to enhance public health awareness and decrease vaping prevalence in the Philippines.


    The requirement for graphic health warnings on e-cigarettes marks a significant step in the Philippines’ public health efforts. With the impending implementation, industry stakeholders must prepare to comply with these strict new standards to avoid severe consequences.