Philippines Raids Milk Tea Shop for Illegal E-Cigarette Sales

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    A significant raid was conducted at a milk tea shop in Marikina City, Philippines, for illegally selling e-cigarettes and other legal violations, as part of the government’s crackdown on unlicensed sales targeting minors.

    Details of the Raid

    Operation and Seizure

    Authorities from the DTI, FTEB, and the Philippine National Police seized e-cigarettes and accessories worth 26 million pesos(around 450,000 USD), with appealing flavors such as cappuccino and mango, aimed particularly at minors.

    Location and Legal Violations

    Located near Barangka Elementary School, the shop was operating without necessary licenses and violated the law prohibiting e-cigarette sales near schools.

    Legal Consequences and Charges

    Charges Against the Owner

    The foreign owner faces charges for operating without a permit and additional scrutiny for the proximity of e-cigarette sales to a school.

    Government’s Response

    Philip Savali, Director of the FTEB, indicated that formal charges could follow pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

    Community and Regulatory Impact

    Concerns Over Youth Exposure

    The shop’s location near an elementary school raises concerns about youth access to e-cigarettes, prompting calls for strict regulatory enforcement.

    Regulatory Enforcement

    The raid is part of a broader effort by Philippine authorities to clamp down on the illegal sale of vapor products, serving as a deterrent to other retailers.


    The enforcement action against the Marikina milk tea shop underscores the Philippine government’s commitment to stringent regulations on e-cigarette sales to protect minors and ensure compliance with health and safety laws.