Philippines Intensifies Enforcement of E-Cigarette Regulations

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    The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of the Philippines has significantly ramped up enforcement actions under the Electronic Cigarette Law, seizing illegal products valued at 31 million pesos, emphasizing its commitment to public health.

    Details of the Enforcement Action

    Scope of Monitoring and Seizures

    The DTI has been actively monitoring both online and offline e-cigarette retailers, resulting in the seizure of tens of thousands of devices in line with the Vape Law.

    Major Seizure in Palawan City

    A substantial seizure took place in Palawan City, where 452 boxes of e-cigarettes, including banned brands, were confiscated in a joint operation with local police.

    Legal and Regulatory Framework

    Proximity to Schools

    Violations included selling e-cigarettes near a school, clearly breaching the law’s stipulations regarding sales near youth-frequented locations.

    Certification Requirements

    The law requires e-cigarette products to have certification marks to verify compliance with safety and quality standards.

    Government’s Commitment

    DTI Secretary’s Statement

    Secretary Fred Pascual reiterated the government’s resolve to enforce regulations strictly to protect public health, particularly that of the youth.

    Regulatory Actions

    The DTI issued numerous Notices of Violation and Show Cause Orders to enforce compliance, reflecting its proactive approach to regulation.


    The DTI’s diligent enforcement of the Vape Law highlights the Philippines’ dedication to curbing the illegal e-cigarette trade and protecting public health, with a focus on youth safety and regulatory compliance.