Philippines’ Initiative Against E-Cigarette Smuggling

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    In a move to combat tobacco and e-cigarette smuggling and boost the local tobacco industry, the Philippines’ Department of Budget and Management (DBM) allocates 87.632 million pesos (approx. 1.5 million USD) through the National Tobacco Administration (NTA).

    Supporting Local Industry: Allocated Funds

    Budget Secretary Amenah F. Pangandaman greenlights funding for NTA’s operational needs for the second quarter.

    Presidential Directive on Smuggling

    President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. urges key agencies, like the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs, to intensify efforts against tobacco and e-cigarette smuggling, safeguarding local tobacco interests.

    Strengthening Enforcement: Sustainable Tobacco Enforcement Program

    During the sixth Private Sector Consultative Committee for Agriculture meeting at Malacañang Palace, stakeholders advocate for DBM’s fund release per Republic Act 4155, supporting NTA’s “Sustainable Tobacco Enforcement Program.”

    About the National Tobacco Administration (NTA)

    NTA, a government-owned corporation under the Department of Agriculture, plays a vital role in overseeing and advancing the Philippine tobacco industry.

    Upholding Regulatory Measures

    The fund allocation highlights the government’s dedication to enforcing regulations against tobacco and e-cigarette trade while supporting local growers and producers.

    Impact on the Tobacco Industry

    With increased financial backing and enhanced enforcement, the Philippine government aims to foster a favorable environment for local tobacco industry growth and sustainability.


    Philippines’ allocation of 1.5 million USD to combat e-cigarette smuggling and bolster the local tobacco industry demonstrates proactive regulatory action. Strengthening enforcement and financial support aims to protect the interests of local growers and producers.