Parents in the Philippines Demand Stricter E-Cigarette Regulations

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    The Philippine Anti-Vaping Parents Association (PAV) leads a campaign urging stronger regulation of e-cigarettes amid rising adolescent usage, dubbed the “vapedemic.”

    Strengthening Regulation Demands

    PAV stresses the urgent need for stricter marketing and sales regulations to curb youth access to e-cigarettes, advocating for revisions to existing laws.

    Health Risks and Clarifications

    PAV emphasizes the dangers of e-cigarettes to youth health, countering misconceptions and highlighting risks to developing lungs and brains. With a 110% surge in users in 2023, PAV condemns adolescent vaping against existing age restrictions.

    Proposed Regulatory Steps

    PAV proposes banning flavored e-cigarettes, limiting packaging to deter minors, and raising the legal vaping age from 18 to 21 for stricter regulation.

    Regulatory Authority Transfer

    Advocating for FDA oversight, PAV seeks to transfer regulatory control from the DTI to ensure stricter adherence to public health standards.

    Smoking Cessation Promotion

    PAV insists e-cigarettes marketed as cessation aids should not appeal to children, prioritizing public health and promoting healthier alternatives.