Philippine Customs Seize 13.7M Illicit Tobacco Products

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    The Philippine Customs Bureau makes a significant seizure of illicit tobacco products originating from Singapore, valued at 791 million(Approximately 13 million USD) pesos, at the Manila International Container Port, demonstrating ongoing efforts to combat smuggling and enforce regulatory standards.

    Seizure at Manila International Container Port

    Three containers containing illicit cigarettes and electronic cigarette products were intercepted by the Customs Bureau at the Manila International Container Port, prompting further scrutiny due to discrepancies in declared quantity.

    Violations Uncovered

    Preliminary investigation reveals violations of the 2022 Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Vaporized Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Products Act, including the absence of mandated graphic health warnings on the packaging.

    Role of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service

    The interception follows intelligence received by the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service, emphasizing the vital role of intelligence-driven operations in identifying and intercepting illicit shipments.

    Legal Scrutiny and Charges

    Involvement of the unregistered consignee, Burias Jang Consumer Goods Trading, raises legal concerns, resulting in multiple charges for both sender and recipient, including violations of various acts and regulations.