Chill Brands Shares Suspended Due To Investigation

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    On June 3rd, City A.M. reported that Chill Brands, a manufacturer of e-cigarette and CBD products, has suspended its stock trading due to multiple ongoing investigations.

    The Allegations and Investigations

    In April, Chill Brands CEO Callum Sommerton was suspended following allegations of “insider dealing.” Sommerton, who joined Chill Brands in April 2022, previously worked as a lawyer at Mishcon de Reya. These allegations have led the company to engage the law firm Fieldfisher to conduct a thorough investigation.

    In addition to the insider dealing allegations, Chill Brands is also being investigated for certain business arrangements related to its UK e-cigarette operations. The specifics of these arrangements have not been disclosed, but they are significant enough to warrant a comprehensive review.

    Impact on Stock Trading

    On the morning of June 3rd, Chill Brands announced the suspension of its stock trading on the London Stock Exchange. The company cited the ongoing investigations and stated that it is “currently unable to provide an accurate update on its financial and trading status to the market.”

    The suspension has created uncertainty among investors and stakeholders. Chill Brands has committed to providing a detailed update on its trading, operations, and strategic status once the investigations conclude. However, until then, the company’s financial health and operational outlook remain unclear.

    Chill Brands’ Market Presence

    Chill Brands operates and produces a variety of tobacco alternatives, including CBD pouches. The company has established a significant presence in the market, with its e-cigarettes sold through over 475 independent retailers.

    In September, Chill Brands signed a partnership agreement with WH Smith, further expanding its distribution network.

    The Role of Fieldfisher

    Fieldfisher, a law firm with extensive experience in corporate investigations, has been tasked with examining the insider dealing allegations against Callum Sommerton. The firm’s findings will be crucial in determining the next steps for both Sommerton and Chill Brands.

    The outcome of Fieldfisher’s investigation could have broader implications for the company’s leadership and governance. Depending on the findings, Chill Brands may need to implement significant changes to restore investor confidence and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

    The Path Forward

    For now, Chill Brands and its stakeholders must wait for the results of the ongoing investigations. The company has promised transparency and timely updates once more information becomes available.

    Depending on the outcome, Chill Brands may need to reassess its strategic direction. This could include changes in leadership, revisions to business practices, and efforts to strengthen compliance mechanisms.

    Chill Brands faces a challenging period as it contends with multiple investigations and the suspension of its stock trading. The allegations against CEO Callum Sommerton and scrutiny of business arrangements have created uncertainty for the company and its investors. As the investigations progress, Chill Brands’ ability to navigate these issues and restore confidence will be critical to its future success.


    Why was Chill Brands’ stock trading suspended?

    Chill Brands’ stock trading was suspended due to multiple ongoing investigations, including insider dealing allegations against CEO Callum Sommerton.

    Who is conducting the investigation into the insider dealing allegations?

    The law firm Fieldfisher has been hired to investigate the insider dealing allegations against Callum Sommerton.

    What products does Chill Brands manufacture?

    Chill Brands manufactures e-cigarettes and CBD products, including CBD pouches.

    How many retailers sell Chill Brands’ e-cigarettes?

    Chill Brands’ e-cigarettes are sold through over 475 independent retailers.

    What partnership did Chill Brands sign last September?

    Chill Brands signed a partnership agreement with WH Smith in September to expand its distribution network.

    When will Chill Brands provide an update on its financial and trading status?

    Chill Brands plans to provide a detailed update on its trading, operations, and strategic status once the investigations conclude.