Arcus Compliance Ltd Acquires UK E-Cigarette Data Platform

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    On June 18, Arcus Compliance Ltd, a renowned compliance consulting company, announced its acquisition of VapeClick, an innovative e-cigarette industry data platform. This strategic move, reported by Tobaccoreporter, is set to revolutionize the compliance landscape for the e-cigarette industry, providing businesses with enhanced tools to navigate complex regulatory requirements.

    About Arcus Compliance Ltd

    Company Overview:
    Founded in 2017, Arcus Compliance Ltd specializes in offering comprehensive compliance solutions across various industries, including e-cigarettes, medical devices, cosmetics, and adult health. The company is dedicated to helping businesses adhere to regulatory standards, ensuring safety and compliance in highly regulated markets.

    Mission and Vision:
    Arcus Compliance aims to simplify compliance processes, providing businesses with the tools and expertise needed to meet stringent regulatory requirements. Their vision is to be the leading compliance solutions provider, known for innovation and reliability.

    About VapeClick

    Platform Overview:
    VapeClick is an online tool and data platform that integrates public lists from the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). It provides manufacturers with the ability to update product details, including images, descriptions, barcode information, and sales links, facilitating easy access to compliance data.

    Significance in the Industry:
    Since its inception, VapeClick has become the go-to portal for registered e-cigarette products in the UK, revolutionizing the way compliance information is accessed and monitored.

    Details of the Acquisition

    Strategic Importance:
    The acquisition of VapeClick by Arcus Compliance is a strategic move to enhance Arcus’s software portfolio. The integration of VapeClick’s platform is expected to bring significant improvements to Arcus’s compliance services, particularly in the e-cigarette sector.

    Statements from Leadership:
    Lee Bryan, CEO of Arcus Compliance, emphasized the importance of VapeClick in the compliance ecosystem, highlighting the platform’s potential to provide valuable oversight for enforcement agencies across Europe. Raphael Klimaszewski, CTO of VapeClick, celebrated the milestone as a testament to the platform’s impact and inherent value.

    Impact on the E-Cigarette Industry

    Enhanced Compliance Solutions:
    The integration of VapeClick will enable Arcus Compliance to offer more comprehensive compliance solutions, improving data and reporting features for better customer experience and market competitiveness.

    Benefits for Manufacturers:
    E-cigarette manufacturers will benefit from easier access to compliance data, streamlined product updates, and enhanced monitoring capabilities, ensuring their products meet regulatory standards efficiently.

    Market Competitiveness:
    By leveraging VapeClick’s extensive database, Arcus Compliance can provide businesses with valuable insights and tools to maintain compliance, ultimately boosting their competitiveness in the market.

    Future Plans and Developments

    Integration Goals:
    Arcus Compliance has exciting plans for the integration of VapeClick, including developments for other industries. The goal is to provide a seamless compliance solution that can be adapted to various regulatory environments.

    Enhanced Features:
    Future updates to the platform will focus on adding more data and reporting features, improving the user experience, and offering more robust compliance tools to meet the evolving needs of the market.


    What is the significance of Arcus Compliance acquiring VapeClick?

    The acquisition enhances Arcus Compliance’s ability to provide comprehensive compliance solutions, integrating extensive e-cigarette industry data and improving market competitiveness.

    How will VapeClick improve Arcus Compliance’s services?

    VapeClick will bring enhanced data and reporting features, streamline product updates, and provide valuable oversight for regulatory compliance, benefiting manufacturers and enforcement agencies.

    What industries does Arcus Compliance serve?

    Arcus Compliance serves the e-cigarette, medical device, cosmetics, and adult health industries, offering tailored compliance solutions to meet diverse regulatory requirements.

    Who is the CEO of Arcus Compliance?

    Lee Bryan is the CEO of Arcus Compliance, leading the company with a focus on innovation and comprehensive compliance solutions.

    What is VapeClick’s primary function?

    VapeClick integrates public lists from the UK’s MHRA, allowing manufacturers to update product details and providing easy access to compliance data for the e-cigarette industry.

    What are the future plans for the integration of VapeClick?

    Arcus Compliance plans to develop VapeClick further, adding more data and reporting features and expanding its application to other industries for enhanced compliance solutions.