Ploom X Advanced Expands Further In The UK

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    JTI (Japan Tobacco International) has announced a significant expansion of its Ploom X Advanced heated tobacco device in the UK market. Initially available in major supermarket chains and select convenience stores in London, the Ploom X Advanced will now reach independent and symbol group retailers in Sheffield and Glasgow.

    What is Ploom X Advanced?

    The Ploom X Advanced represents the latest innovation in heated tobacco technology. Unlike traditional cigarettes, this device heats tobacco sticks instead of burning them.

    The Ploom X Advanced boasts a sleek, modern design that is both compact and user-friendly. It includes advanced features such as precise temperature control, rapid heating, and a long-lasting battery.

    Typically sold as a bundle, the Ploom X Advanced package includes the device and two packs of Evo tobacco sticks. This bundle is competitively priced at a recommended retail price of £19.

    Market Expansion Strategy

    JTI’s decision to target independent and symbol group retailers in Sheffield and Glasgow is a strategic move to broaden the Ploom brand’s reach.

    To support this expansion, JTI has rolled out various wholesale promotional activities. These include special promotions for Ploom bundle packages and Evo tobacco sticks.

    Regional Focus: Sheffield and Glasgow

    Sheffield, known for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant cultural scene, represents a key market for Ploom X Advanced. The city’s diverse population and thriving independent retail sector make it an ideal location for introducing new products.

    Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, is renowned for its historic architecture and bustling cultural life. Expanding into Glasgow allows JTI to reach a wide audience of potential users who are looking for innovative tobacco alternatives.


    The expansion of the Ploom X Advanced into Sheffield and Glasgow marks a significant milestone for JTI. By targeting independent and symbol group retailers, JTI is poised to increase its market share and further establish the Ploom brand in the UK.


    What is Ploom X Advanced?

    Ploom X Advanced is a heated tobacco device that heats rather than burns tobacco sticks, offering a smokeless alternative to traditional cigarettes.

    Where was Ploom X Advanced initially available?

    It was initially available in major UK supermarket chains and select convenience stores in London.

    What does the Ploom X Advanced bundle include?

    The bundle typically includes the Ploom X Advanced device and two packs of Evo tobacco sticks, priced at around £19.

    How is JTI supporting the market expansion?

    JTI is supporting the expansion with wholesale promotional activities, including special promotions for Ploom bundles and Evo tobacco sticks.

    What are the benefits of using Ploom X Advanced?

    The benefits include a cleaner, smokeless tobacco experience, precise temperature control, and a user friendly design.