Vietnam Discusses Strict Regulations on E-Cigarettes

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    Vietnam is actively addressing the challenges posed by electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, with key government bodies discussing potential stringent regulations to mitigate public health risks and criminal activities.

    Highlights of the Meeting

    Health Concerns

    The Ministry of Health cited significant health risks from e-cigarettes, recommending a complete ban based on WHO guidance and international research, emphasizing their addictive nature.

    Security Issues

    Concerns were raised by the Ministry of Public Security regarding the use of e-cigarettes in criminal activities like drug trafficking, advocating for stricter regulatory measures.

    Taxation Proposals

    Proposals for applying the Special Consumption Tax Law to these products were discussed as a method to manage and control their use effectively.

    Global Context

    Globally, numerous countries have implemented strict controls on e-cigarettes. Vietnam is considering joining these efforts to align with international standards and address related health and security concerns.

    Implications for Vietnam

    Public Health Management

    Proposed bans and regulations could significantly enhance public health management by reducing access to addictive and harmful nicotine products.

    Legal and Regulatory Framework

    New measures would necessitate updates to Vietnam’s legal system, possibly requiring new laws targeted specifically at e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

    Economic Impact

    While taxing these products could generate significant revenue for public health initiatives, it’s crucial to balance this against the costs of enforcement and potential black market issues.


    Vietnam’s deliberations on stringent e-cigarette regulations demonstrate its dedication to public health and security. The decisions made will significantly influence the country’s tobacco control strategies and public health policies.