Vietnam Classifies E-Cigarettes as Tobacco Products

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    Vietnam has officially classified heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes as tobacco products, bringing them under the same regulations as traditional cigarettes. This decision aligns with Vietnam’s 2012 “Law on Prevention and Control of Tobacco Harms” which encompasses all products derived wholly or partially from tobacco.

    Regulatory Adjustments

    The reclassification involves cooperation between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Health to enhance regulations for these modern tobacco alternatives. This alignment with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) ensures that Vietnam’s policies are consistent with global standards, which also advise treating heated tobacco products as traditional tobacco products.

    Discussions and Policy Development

    Policy workshops and national discussions have been instrumental in shaping the regulatory framework. Delegates and experts across various sectors have convened to discuss appropriate management measures for e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. Phạm Khánh Phong Lan, a delegate of the National Assembly, indicated that current laws are well-suited to manage these products effectively.

    Global Implications and Vietnam’s Commitment

    With the World Health Organization noting that 184 of its 195 member states regulate heated tobacco under existing laws as of July 2021, Vietnam’s legislative update reinforces its dedication to robust health protection and active participation in global tobacco control.

    Vietnam’s recent regulatory update marks a crucial step in controlling the public health impacts of evolving tobacco products. By equating heated tobacco and e-cigarettes with traditional tobacco, Vietnam aims to ensure thorough regulation and safeguard public health in response to the changing tobacco product landscape.