Vape Aware™ Enhances E-Cigarette Transparency

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    On May 9th, Inter Scientific, a UK-based firm specializing in analytics and regulatory services, introduced Vape Aware™. This initiative is set to profoundly impact the electronic cigarette sector by significantly enhancing transparency and ensuring consumer safety across the UK market.

    Vape Aware™ as a Transparency Hub

    Vape Aware™ is designed to serve as a central hub for the dissemination of test results for E-cigarette products marketed in the UK. This platform allows consumers to access vital safety and compliance information, ensuring they are fully informed about the products they use.

    Regulatory Enforcement with Vape Aware™

    Vape Aware™ supports enforcement agencies by facilitating the identification of illegal products. Accessible to the Trading Standards Bureau, the MHRA, HMRC, and other public authorities, the platform integrates efforts across agencies to tighten regulatory oversight and enforcement.

    CTSI Endorses Vape Aware™

    The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), an organization representing trading standards professionals, supports the Vape Aware™ initiative. Recognized for their enforcement of regulations on electronic cigarette products, CTSI’s endorsement underscores the platform’s significance in enhancing industry standards.

    Global Impact of Vape Aware™

    Inter Scientific’s commitment to regulatory compliance through Vape Aware™ extends internationally, influencing markets in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. Collaborating with over 50 local government trading standards services, the UK government, and law enforcement agencies, the platform plays a critical role in global compliance and illicit trade mitigation efforts.

    Vape Aware™ Sets Industry Benchmark

    The launch of Vape Aware™ by Inter Scientific marks a pivotal advancement in the electronic cigarette industry, promoting greater transparency and consumer safety. By providing a comprehensive view of product compliance and safety through Vape Aware™, Inter Scientific empowers consumers and regulators alike, setting a new benchmark for industry practices.