JTI 360 is Live: JTI UK Reveals Next-Gen Online Retail

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    JTI UK has introduced JTI 360, a new advanced online retail platform designed to replace the current JTI Advance platform. The launch marks a significant advancement aimed at enhancing user experience and service efficiency for retailers.

    Improved User Experience

    JTI 360 enhances the user experience by incorporating real-time news feeds and one-click access to the latest price list. The platform’s design and functionality streamline operations and facilitate easier interaction, making it more user-friendly for retailers.

    Innovatory Features

    The platform introduces “360 Arcade,” a gaming area where retailers can earn points and redeem them for shopping vouchers and tech products. This gamification aspect adds an element of excitement and engagement, enhancing the overall user interaction with JTI 360.

    Launching Ceremony and Lottery Draw

    To celebrate the platform’s launch, JTI 360 hosts a large-scale lottery event, urging retailers to register before June 10 for a chance to win exciting prizes.

    Commitment to Independent Trade Support

    Mark McGuinness, Marketing Director of JTI UK, emphasizes that the platform was developed in close collaboration with retailers. He highlights JTI’s ongoing support for independent trade, noting that JTI 360 represents a key milestone in digital innovation and service enhancement.

    Industry Dynamics

    The launch of JTI 360 follows the introduction of Philip Morris Limited’s Heatwave Open, another online platform tailored for retailers. These initiatives reflect the broader trend of tobacco companies leveraging digital solutions to support retailers and improve customer experience.