PMI Expands HNB Products in Ukraine Amid Conflict

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    Amidst ongoing conflict, Philip Morris International (PMI) is demonstrating a strong commitment to the Ukrainian market by investing $11 million to expand its heat-not-burn (HNB) product offerings. This investment aims to introduce the latest Iqos Iluma, a significant innovation in PMI’s HNB portfolio.

    Innovation and Strategic Investment in HNB

    The launch of the Iqos Iluma marks a significant enhancement in HNB technology with advanced induction heating, improving device reliability and user experience. This strategic move is part of PMI’s commitment to bolster the Ukrainian economy and provide smokers with healthier alternatives.

    Maksym Barabash, PMI’s General Manager in Ukraine, reaffirms this commitment: “This investment not only boosts our manufacturing capabilities in the Lviv region but also underlines our support for Ukraine during these turbulent times.” Barabash also emphasizes the strategic shift towards HNB products to align with public health objectives.

    Strengthening Retail and Environmental Initiatives

    PMI has strategically positioned 40 branded stores across 24 Ukrainian cities, ensuring that HNB products are accessible nationwide through fast and efficient delivery services. To complement this expansion, PMI has established 120 recycling points to responsibly collect and process used HNB devices and accessories.

    Impact and Outlook for HNB in Ukraine

    Since launching its first Iqos system in 2016, PMI has converted approximately 1.3 million Ukrainian smokers to its HNB products. This shift not only supports public health improvements but also demonstrates PMI’s leadership in the HNB market.

    Despite challenges from the ongoing conflict, PMI’s initiatives showcase a dual focus on economic growth and societal health benefits. As Ukraine’s situation continues to evolve, PMI’s investments are poised to significantly influence both the local economy and the broader HNB industry.


    PMI’s efforts to expand its HNB product line in Ukraine represent a dynamic blend of innovation, market expansion, and commitment to health. As this initiative progresses, it promises to reshape the HNB landscape in Ukraine, setting a precedent for corporate responsibility and market adaptability during crises.

    Stay updated on PMI’s developments in HNB technology and market strategies in Ukraine through our continued coverage.