Ukraine Seizes 3,000 E-cigarettes in Smuggling Crackdown

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    In Ukraine’s Zakarpattia region, a significant smuggling operation involving illegal tobacco products has been uncovered by the Economic Security Bureau (БЭБ). The central figures in this case are Uzhgorod residents accused of orchestrating the sale of counterfeit e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

    During the operation, law enforcement conducted four searches, resulting in the seizure of nearly 3,000 e-cigarettes and accessories that lacked the required Ukrainian excise tax markings. Other items confiscated in the raids included computers, mobile phones, and related documentation, with the total value of seized goods surpassing 2.5 million hryvnias (approximately 63000 USD).

    The suspects are now facing charges under Part 1 of Article 204 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code, which pertains to the illegal purchase, storage, and sale of tobacco products without tax registration. The case is currently undergoing pre-trial investigations.