Online E-cigarette Sales: Italy’s Regulatory Crackdown

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    Italy is intensifying its regulatory efforts to oversee the online sale of tobacco and e-cigarettes. The focus is on over 850 websites engaged in this trade. This comprehensive action, led by the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency (Adm), aims to curb illegal sales practices and ensure compliance with established regulations.

    Overview of Regulatory Actions

    The Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency initiated regulatory actions targeting online platforms selling e-cigarettes domestically. The focus of the review encompasses a diverse range of websites, including online stores for e-cigarettes and Tobacco, as well as showcase websites for street retailers and manufacturing companies. Most of these websites faced scrutiny for illegally selling e-cigarette products, underscoring the prevalence of illicit practices in the online marketplace.

    Compliance Deadline and Consequences

    Companies have until May 23, 2024, to rectify any violations identified during the review process. Failure to comply by the specified deadline carries the risk of domain name suspension, posing a significant threat to the online presence and operations of non-compliant merchants.

    Recent Court Ruling and Regulatory Restrictions

    In addition to regulatory actions by the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency, a recent ruling from the Turin Court has imposed further restrictions on the promotion of e-cigarette products. Merchants are only permitted to display technical characteristics of e-cigarette devices and the flavors of aromatic mixtures. Any subjective comments or expressions aimed at attracting consumers’ curiosity or attention are strictly prohibited.

    Objective and Implications

    The primary objective of these regulatory measures is to combat illegal sales practices and safeguard consumer interests. By enforcing stringent regulations, authorities aim to ensure the legality and standardization of e-cigarette product sales in the online marketplace. Non-compliant merchants face the imminent risk of domain name suspension and potential legal consequences, while consumers can expect a more regulated and standardized online marketplace, promoting transparency and compliance with established norms.