Two mini supermarkets in Italy closed due to illegal tobacco.

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    On May 15th, the Customs and Monopolies Authority in Finale Ligure, Italy, took decisive action against illicit trade activities by temporarily closing two mini markets for unlawfully selling tobacco products. This crackdown, initiated following thorough inspections conducted by local police.

    Inspections Uncover Violations

    Prompted by suspicions of illegal activities, the consumer protection group of the Finale Ligure/Loano local police, supported by the K-9 unit, launched inspections at two mini markets situated on Via Pertica and Via Colombo. These investigations revealed that both establishments were engaging in the sale of tobacco products without the requisite permits.

    Discovery of Illegal Merchandise

    During the inspections, law enforcement officers seized a significant quantity of e-cigarettes, flavorings, and assorted tobacco products. Many of these items were determined to have entered Italy unlawfully and lacked essential instructions in Italian.

    Enforcement Measures by Authorities

    Upon compiling the inspection findings, the local police promptly forwarded the case to the Customs and Monopolies Authority. Subsequently, the authority issued orders to suspend the operations of the two mini markets for periods of 20 and 5 days, respectively. Failure to adhere to these directives could result in substantial fines ranging from €10,329 to €51,645.