Mini Tank and Atom: New Flagship Products of CCELL

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    The Mini Tank and Atom are the latest offerings from CCELL, a cannabis brand under Smoore. These all-in-one vape pens bring innovative design and functionality tailored to meet the diverse preferences of cannabis enthusiasts.

    Mini Tank: Compact and Discreet

    The Mini Tank redefines compactness at just 2.48 inches long. It features a sleek design with a multifunctional slide switch that prevents leaks and blockages, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free vaping experience.

    Atom: Progressive Styling with Capacity Options

    The Atom vape pen boasts a modern, compact design that merges style with convenience. Available in 2ml and 3ml capacities, it caters to different user preferences. The pen also includes three standard voltage settings to personalize the vaping experience.

    Focus on User Experience

    Both the Mini Tank and Atom are designed with the user in mind, combining ergonomic features with advanced technology. From the discreet portability of the Mini Tank to the customizable voltage settings of the Atom, CCELL’s new vape pens are engineered to enhance the cannabis vaping experience.

    Innovation and Quality Assurance

    As a leader in vaping product manufacturing, Smoore ensures that CCELL upholds a commitment to innovation and quality assurance. The launch of the Mini Tank and Atom underscores the brand’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for cannabis consumption.

    Anticipated Impact in the Market

    With the introduction of the Mini Tank and Atom, CCELL aims to capture market attention and affirm its leadership in the cannabis vaping industry. These products exemplify CCELL’s ongoing efforts to innovate and respond to dynamic consumer demands.