ELFBAR and LOST MARY Combat Counterfeit E-Cigarettes Globally

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    On Global Intellectual Property Day, April 26, ELFBAR and LOST MARY reported significant successes in their global campaign against counterfeit e-cigarettes. Their concerted efforts since 2021 have culminated in the closure of 230 counterfeit manufacturing facilities, marking a major milestone in the fight against illegal e-cigarette production.

    Enhanced Global Initiatives

    The companies have intensified their efforts worldwide, particularly in regions heavily impacted by counterfeit activities. Their actions include rigorous enforcement measures and strategic partnerships aimed at dismantling the illicit trade networks.

    Community and Law Enforcement Collaboration

    In the UK, ELFBAR and LOST MARY support the local retail sector’s fight against counterfeit e-cigarettes by partnering with FACT, a leader in intellectual property protection. This collaboration encourages local retailers to report illegal activities, enhancing community engagement in the anti-counterfeiting campaign.

    Licensing System Advocacy

    To ensure consumer safety and product authenticity, the brands advocate for a licensing system that regulates e-cigarette retail. This system is intended to increase oversight and maintain high standards at the point of sale.

    Impactful Results in China and Worldwide

    Their anti-counterfeiting efforts have been especially effective in China, leading to the shutdown of 229 involved facilities and the seizure of millions of counterfeit items. These initiatives extend globally with significant legal actions and international regulatory cooperation.

    Leadership’s Perspective

    Victor Xiao, Vice President of Global Operations, highlights the importance of regulatory collaboration to ensure fair market practices and to support the e-cigarette industry’s proper regulation.


    The achievements of ELFBAR and LOST MARY in their anti-counterfeiting campaign underscore their commitment to safeguarding consumer interests and promoting a regulated, legitimate e-cigarette market. Their proactive approach not only disrupts the counterfeit trade but also sets a standard for industry integrity.