JTI Launches Ploom X HNB Device in Milan

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    In Milan, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and Avolta showcase the groundbreaking Ploom X Advanced heated tobacco device.

    Ploom X Advanced: Redefining Heated Tobacco Technology

    Utilizing HeatFlow technology, the device ensures rapid and uniform heat distribution, enabling tobacco to be heated without generating smoke or ash. This innovation aligns with JTI’s commitment to harm reduction, boasting up to 95% fewer harmful substances compared to traditional cigarettes.

    Italian Market Debut at Milan Design Week

    The launch of Ploom X Advanced coincides with Milan Design Week, attracting global travelers to experience and purchase the device.

    High-Impact Marketing Activities:

    JTI has employed high-impact marketing initiatives to promote the device, leveraging Avolta’s retail partnership and premium category showcase space at the airport.

    Expansion of Product Portfolio

    The introduction of Ploom X Advanced in Italy marks an expansion of JTI’s product portfolio beyond duty-free markets in Japan and Switzerland. The device is available in a range of colors, offering consumers a personalized smoking experience.

    Comprehensive Offering:

    In addition to the device itself, consumers have access to a variety of tobacco sticks and accessories, further enhancing the product’s appeal and customization options.

    Anticipated Market Response

    JTI anticipates a favorable market response to the launch, citing Avolta’s longstanding retail partnership, premium retail space, and engaging consumer interactions as key factors driving adoption.