IQOS Illuma Expands in Latin America

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    Philip Morris is intensifying its presence in Brazil and Mexico through the launch of IQOS Illuma, demonstrating a significant commitment to expanding its influence in Central and South American markets. This strategic initiative is part of a broader effort to penetrate these burgeoning regions with advanced smoking alternatives.

    Collaborative Marketing with KT&G’s lil Brand for IQOS Illuma

    The collaboration between Philip Morris and KT&G’s e-cigarette brand, lil, is instrumental in bolstering the IQOS Illuma campaign. This partnership is expected to facilitate the introduction and acceptance of IQOS Illuma in Central and South American markets, combining the strengths of both brands to optimize market penetration and consumer reception.

    IQOS Illuma’s Promotional Events in Local Markets

    Philip Morris has strategically launched IQOS Illuma with local events in key cities. In Mexico City, the launch was held at the popular bar Handshake, which underscores the company’s dedication to embedding the IQOS Illuma brand within the local culture. Additionally, Philip Morris showcased IQOS Illuma at an agricultural fair in Brazil, signaling a robust entry into the Brazilian market with this innovative product.

    Ambitious Expansion Strategy with IQOS Illuma

    These initiatives underline Philip Morris’s ambitious strategy to increase the market share of its HNB products, like IQOS Illuma, across Central and South America. The launch of IQOS Illuma, coupled with collaborative efforts with KT&G, highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and growth within these important regions.

    Deepening Ties with KT&G to Support IQOS Illuma

    In a significant move to cement their collaboration, KT&G signed a new 15-year contract with Philip Morris in January, extending their partnership until 2038. This agreement includes a commitment from Philip Morris to sell at least 16 billion units of KT&G’s e-cigarettes by the next year, underscoring the strategic importance of IQOS Illuma in their joint portfolio.