Mexico City Implements Strict Measures Against E-cigarettes

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    In recent news, Mexico City has taken robust measures to curb the sale of electronic cigarettes, closing 38 establishments for violating smoking regulations. Enforced by the Mexico City Department of Health (Sedesa) through the Mexico City Health Protection Agency (AGEPSA).

    Achievements in Smoke-Free Efforts

    • Confiscation of E-cigarettes: Since 2023, AGEPSA has confiscated 21,410 e-cigarettes, vape oils, and cartridges, including over 1,200 e-cigarettes seized in recent city center operations.
    • Business Consultation Services: AGEPSA has provided consultation services to 3,344 businesses, aiding them in complying with guidelines related to smoke-free environments and electronic cigarette emissions.
    • Community Outreach and Training: AGEPSA has conducted extensive community outreach, training 2,215 individuals and certifying 113 venues as “100% Smoke-Free, Electronic Cigarette Emissions, and Aerosol Products” compliant.
    • Promotional Campaigns: To raise awareness of tobacco and electronic cigarette hazards, AGEPSA distributed 19,021 pieces of promotional material, educating the public and reinforcing usage restrictions.

    World No Tobacco Day

    As the world marks World No Tobacco Day on May 31st, Mexico City’s initiatives stand as a beacon in the global fight against tobacco and e-cigarette use. This annual event presents an opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco consumption and advocate for policies promoting smoke-free environments.