India Implements Ban on Chewing Tobacco

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    In a bid to address public health concerns associated with the consumption of chewing tobacco products, Telangana State in India has implemented a one-year ban on Gutkha and Panmasala containing tobacco and nicotine.

    Ban on Gutkha and Panmasala

    The Commissioner of Food Safety for Telangana State recently announced a ban on the production, storage, distribution, transportation, and sale of Gutkha and Panmasala containing tobacco and nicotine. Effective from May 24, 2024, the ban is aimed at curbing the consumption of these harmful chewing tobacco products.

    Characteristics of Gutkha

    Gutkha is a popular chewing tobacco product in India, comprising a mixture of betel nuts, tobacco, lime, and spices. Consumers ingest nicotine by chewing Gutkha, akin to traditional chewing tobacco, leading to concerns over its addictive properties and adverse health effects.

    Overview of Panmasala

    Panmasala, another prevalent chewing product in India, is a mixture of betel nuts, lime, flavorings, and aromatic agents. While traditional Panmasala does not contain tobacco, certain variants incorporate tobacco and nicotine, posing health risks similar to Gutkha.

    Implications for Telangana’s Technological Hub

    Telangana State, renowned for its technological advancements and pharmaceutical industry, plays a pivotal role in India’s innovation landscape.


    Telangana State’s imposition of a one-year ban on Gutkha and Panmasala containing tobacco and nicotine reflects its commitment to prioritizing public health and well-being.