India Health Ministry Cracks Down On Illegal Online Tobacco Sales

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    The Indian Health Department is combatting illicit tobacco sales on e-commerce platforms, urging strict legal action against violators.

    Call for Legal Action

    Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare, Randeep D, calls for legal sanctions against e-commerce sites selling tobacco without health warnings. Violations of the COTPA endanger public health, especially minors.

    COTPA Violations

    Illegal tobacco sales online breach COTPA regulations mandating health warnings. By bypassing these rules, online retailers endanger consumers, particularly minors, with carcinogenic products.

    Accessibility Concerns

    Platforms like Blinkit, Zomato, and Swiggy facilitate illegal tobacco sales, raising concerns about underage access and health impacts. Easy accessibility exacerbates public health risks.

    Responding to Concerns

    The Health Department’s action follows concerns raised by the Foundation for Healthy Karnataka to the Chief Minister. Urgent measures are needed to address public health risks associated with online tobacco sales.

    Urgency in Action

    The Health Department urges swift action by the Cyber Crime Investigation Department against e-commerce platforms.