Hangzhou Customs Foils E-cigarette Smuggle

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    Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Customs thwarted an attempt to smuggle 28,800 illegal e-cigarette pods into China. The interception, made possible by vigilant customs officers, sheds light on ongoing efforts to combat illicit activities at the airport port.

    Seizure at Hangzhou Airport Port

    On May 15th, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Customs intercepted a smuggling case involving excessive e-cigarette pods and cigarettes. The seizure occurred when customs officers detected abnormalities in the X-ray images of a passenger’s luggage passing through the “no-declaration channel” during the inspection of an inbound flight.

    Discovery of Contraband

    Upon observing discrepancies in the X-ray images, customs officers conducted a thorough inspection of the passenger’s luggage, revealing a significant quantity of items with identical specifications. Subsequent examination uncovered well-packaged e-cigarette pods and cigarettes concealed within the passenger’s suitcase and hand luggage.

    Magnitude of the Seizure

    The intercepted contraband comprised 144 e-cigarette pods, totaling 28,800 units, along with 11 packs of cigarettes, amounting to 2,200 units.

    Preventive Measures and Vigilance

    Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Customs’ successful interception highlights the importance of stringent security measures and vigilant surveillance at airport ports. By leveraging advanced screening technologies and conducting thorough inspections, customs officers can effectively identify and thwart attempts to smuggle prohibited goods into the country.