CCELL Launches Eco-Friendly Cannabis Vaporizer the Eco Star

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    On April 15th, CCELL, a leading cannabis brand by Shenzhen-based Smoore, introduced its latest product, the Eco Star, in Shenzhen. According to a PR Newswire press release, the launch underscores CCELL’s commitment to sustainability in the cannabis industry.

    Eco-Friendly Design and Features

    The Eco Star vaporizer is distinct for its environmentally friendly design. It features a casing made from biodegradable plant-based PLA material, designed to naturally decompose, significantly reducing environmental waste. Additionally, it includes a removable and recyclable lithium-ion battery, facilitating easy recycling and enhancing the vaporizer’s eco-friendly profile.

    Pre-Launch Exhibitions

    Before its official release, the Eco Star was showcased at key industry events, including TPE24 and Hall of Flowers Ventura in the United States, and Spannabis in Barcelona, Spain. These presentations helped CCELL to showcase the vaporizer’s sustainable attributes and innovative design to a wide audience.

    Impact and Environmental Objectives

    The Eco Star marks an important advancement for CCELL in promoting environmental responsibility within the cannabis sector. With its focus on sustainable materials and recyclable components, CCELL not only meets its eco-friendly goals but also pioneers new standards for product design and environmental care in the industry.