ASDF KOREA Launches Eco-Friendly Disposable E-Cigarette

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    ASDF KOREA has made waves in the electronic cigarette market with the introduction of their latest product, “Unplug.” According to a report from the South Korean news website Finance Today on May 17th, Unplug is set to debut in South Korea on May 21st, marking a significant milestone in eco-friendly vaping technology.

    Innovative Design and Eco-Friendly Concept

    Unplug stands out for its innovative design and eco-friendly concept. Unlike traditional disposable e-cigarettes, Unplug is a reusable device that addresses the issue of battery recycling.

    Features and Specifications

    The standout features of Unplug include its large-capacity replaceable cartridges and dual mesh coils, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience. The device boasts a 700mAh battery and a USB-C charging port, providing convenience and reliability for users.

    Flavor Variety

    Unplug offers an array of enticing flavors to cater to diverse preferences. From the refreshing zest of Dual Pineapple Lemon to the classic appeal of Red Apple Aloe, and the invigorating taste of Modern Mint, users have a range of options to explore. Other flavors include Yakult, Dual Grape, Lemon Coke, and Strawberry Ice Cream, providing something for every palate.


    Starting from May 22nd, Unplug will be available for purchase on ASDF KOREA’s official website, major e-cigarette stores nationwide, internet cafes, as well as popular online platforms such as Coupang and Interpark.