Glo Hyper Pro: Revolutionizing the HNB Experience in South Korea

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    Glo, BAT’s renowned HNB brand, has unveiled its latest innovation in South Korea: the Hyper Pro.

    Introducing the Glo Hyper Pro

    Advanced Features:
    The Glo Hyper Pro introduces revolutionary features such as the EasyView screen and HeatBoost technology, setting a new standard for high-end e-cigarettes.

    EasyView Screen:
    With six different screen modes, users can effortlessly monitor vital information like usage time, heating status, battery level, and more, enhancing user experience and convenience.

    TasteSelect Dial:
    The TasteSelect dial allows users to customize their vaping experience, ensuring optimal flavor delivery and satisfaction with every use.

    Upgraded HeatBoost Technology:
    The Hyper Pro boasts upgraded HeatBoost technology, enhancing heating efficiency and performance for a superior vaping experience.

    Specifications and Enhancements

    Lightweight Design:
    Weighing 14 grams less than its predecessor, the Hyper Pro is sleeker and more portable, catering to the needs of modern consumers on the go.

    Extended Battery Life:
    With a single charge lasting up to 20 uses and enabling 3 consecutive sessions, the Hyper Pro offers enhanced battery performance, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment for users.

    Color Options:
    To cater to diverse preferences, the Hyper Pro is available in five vibrant color options, allowing users to express their style while enjoying cutting-edge technology.

    Availability and Pre-Sale Details

    Pre-Sale on Coupang:
    The Hyper Pro is set to be available for pre-sale on Coupang, providing early access to South Korean consumers eager to experience the latest in HNB technology.

    High-End Positioning:
    Positioned as a high-end product, the Hyper Pro aims to redefine the vaping experience in South Korea with its premium features and sophisticated design.


    With the launch of the Glo Hyper Pro, BAT introduces a new era of innovation and sophistication in the HNB market. Boasting advanced features, sleek design, and extended battery life, the Hyper Pro promises to elevate the vaping experience for users in South Korea and beyond.