ZYN Shortage in the US Supply Chain Concerns

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    The US market is experiencing a shortage of the popular nicotine pouch Zyn, raising concerns about supply chain disruptions and regulatory scrutiny.

    Nicotine Pouch ZYN Shortage

    Surge in Sales:
    ZYN witnessed an unprecedented 80% surge in sales in the US market during the first quarter, leading to supply shortages across national retailers and wholesalers.

    Regulatory Scrutiny:
    Increasing lawsuits and criticisms surrounding the nicotine content and marketing tactics of products like ZYN have raised concerns about potential regulatory intervention and scrutiny.

    Retailer Challenges:
    Tobacco shops in New York and wholesalers in Florida and New Jersey reported difficulties in obtaining ZYN pouches, indicating a widespread issue in the supply chain.

    Industry Response and Challenges

    Manufacturer’s Silence:
    Philip Morris International and Swedish Match, the manufacturer of ZYN, have declined to comment on the shortage, leaving retailers and consumers in the dark about the underlying reasons.

    Supply Chain Strain:
    Emmanuel Babeau, CFO of Philip Morris International, acknowledged the strain on the supply chain during a quarterly analyst call and assured efforts to maximize production capacity.

    Online Retailer Measures:
    Websites like HS Wholesale and Puff Distribution displayed ZYN as sold out, prompting some online sellers to limit orders and encourage stockpiling due to limited availability.


    The shortage of ZYN nicotine pouches in the US market underscores the challenges facing the industry, from supply chain disruptions to regulatory scrutiny. As manufacturers and retailers navigate these challenges, consumers may experience continued difficulties accessing their preferred nicotine products.