YINGHE Technology Achieves Record Revenue and Expands in Europe

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    On March 26th, YINGHE Technology announced its 2023 annual report, showcasing a record-high annual revenue and net profit attributable to shareholders. In 2023, the company achieved a total revenue of 9.75 billion yuan, marking an increase of 8.09% from the previous year. Its subsidiary, Shenzhen SKE Technology Co., Ltd., also reported significant financial growth with a revenue of 3.341 billion yuan and a net profit of 999.8 million yuan.

    Since 2022, SKE has focused on expanding its own brand, particularly with the Crystal Bar product, which has experienced rapid sales growth in the European market. To better serve this market and respond quickly to customer service demands, SKE established a wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK, following approval from the company’s board of directors. This strategic move is designed to solidify SKE’s presence in the UK and facilitate further expansion across Europe.

    In 2023, SKE achieved notable market development breakthroughs in the UK, Germany, and other European countries. The company plans to expand its sales team to support this growth. SKE is actively promoting its brand globally, particularly in Europe, through advertising, social media interactions, ground promotions, and participation in major exhibitions. The brand is also looking to expand into Southeast Asian markets as part of its strategy to increase sales territories and continuously enhance the scale of its sales operations.