World Vape Show in Dubai: YOOZ Launches 4 Smart E-cigarettes

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    At the World Vape Show in Dubai, YOOZ, introduced its groundbreaking Smart Vape Series. The new series, featuring four innovative products, is designed to provide users with an exceptional interactive experience through the self-developed SMART VAPE OS 1.0 interaction system.

    YOOZ’s New Smart Vape Series

    SMART VAPE OS 1.0 Interaction System

    SMART VAPE OS 1.0 Interaction System

    The new Smart Vape Series is equipped with the SMART VAPE OS 1.0, a sophisticated interaction system developed by YOOZ. This system integrates various smart features to enhance the user experience significantly.

    Largest Screen and Diverse Functions

    The Smart Vape Series boasts the largest screen and the most diverse functions available in the market. This series aims to provide users with a unique and personalized vaping experience.

    Key Product Features

    • Phone Function: Users can connect the SMART VAPE to their phones via Bluetooth, enabling seamless call reception and more convenient communication.
    • Game Entertainment: The SMART VAPE comes with seven carefully designed games, perfect for one-handed operation, offering users additional entertainment options.
    • Personalized Screen Animations: SMART VAPE features a series of unique screen animation effects that users can freely switch according to personal preferences, showcasing individual styles.
    • Varied Inhalation Sound Effects: SMART VAPE offers four different inhalation sound effects for users to choose from based on their personal preferences, enhancing the overall user experience.
    • Exclusive APP Connection: SMART VAPE comes with an exclusive app, making it easy to connect the e-cigarette to a phone. Through the app, users can easily control various interactive functions of the e-cigarette, further enhancing the smart experience.

    Detailed Product Descriptions



    This disposable e-cigarette features the largest screen on the market and uses dual-coil technology. It allows users to switch between single-coil and dual-coil modes. In single-coil mode, the LINKX25000 offers a battery capacity of up to 25,000 puffs, while in dual-coil mode, it provides up to 20,000 puffs. This product will be launched in the United States, the Middle East, and Russia.

    2ml Pod System Products - V5&V6

    2ml Pod System Products – V5&V6

    The V5 and V6 are small-capacity pod systems with different screen sizes. Both devices have a 2ml e-liquid capacity and come with three universal pods for different markets, including closed and open versions, equipped with either ceramic or cotton cores. The devices can intelligently recognize and adjust output settings based on the type of pod inserted.

    LINKX 2

    10ml Disposable Product – LINKX 2

    LINKX2 is a large-capacity small e-cigarette product that integrates smart technology, including phone and game entertainment functions. It is the first large-capacity small e-cigarette product on the market that combines call and game functions.


    What is the SMART VAPE OS 1.0 interaction system?

    The SMART VAPE OS 1.0 is YOOZ’s self-developed interaction system that integrates various smart features to enhance user experience. It includes functionalities such as Bluetooth connectivity, gaming, personalized animations, and more.

    How does the phone function work in the SMART VAPE Series?

    Users can connect their SMART VAPE devices to their phones via Bluetooth, allowing them to receive calls directly through the e-cigarette device.

    What are the benefits of the dual-coil technology in the LINKX25000?

    The dual-coil technology in the LINKX25000 allows users to switch between single-coil and dual-coil modes, providing flexibility in vaping preferences and extending battery life.

    What markets will the LINKX25000 be available in?

    The LINKX25000 will be available in the United States, the Middle East, and Russia.

    What makes the LINKX 2 unique among large-capacity e-cigarettes?

    The LINKX 2 is unique because it combines a large e-liquid capacity with smart technology, including phone and game entertainment functions, making it the first of its kind on the market.

    How do the personalized screen animations work?

    Users can switch between different screen animation effects on their SMART VAPE devices, allowing them to customize the look and feel of their e-cigarettes according to personal preferences.