World Vape Show in Dubai: Aspire’s G-mesh Coil Technology

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    The World Vape Show in Dubai is set to showcase some of the most innovative products in the vaping industry. Among the highlights is Aspire’s HyberX, the first e-cigarette to utilize revolutionary G-mesh coil technology. Additionally, Aspire will introduce the Proteus Mini, a compact and advanced electronic shisha head.

    Advantages of G-mesh Technology

    Advantages of G-mesh Technology

    • Efficient Vaping Performance: Combines the benefits of ultra-fast saturating glass and mesh technology for authentic taste.
    • Enhanced Aerosol Particle Fineness: Increases particle fineness by 35%, providing a smoother vaping experience.
    • Superior Lifespan: Lasts significantly longer than other coils, with each coil able to vaporize up to 15ml of e-liquid while maintaining consistent flavor.
    • Faster E-liquid Saturation: 8x faster saturation, significantly reducing wait times.
    • Increased Puff Count: Offers over 70% more puffs with the same e-liquid capacity.
    • World’s Thinnest Coil: Suitable for more compact and portable e-cigarette products.
    • Low Power Consumption: Operates within a power range of 5-7.5W, ensuring efficient energy use.
    Introduction to HyberX

    Introduction to HyberX

    HyberX is Aspire’s first e-cigarette to feature a pre-filled replaceable pod system utilizing the innovative G-mesh coil technology.

    Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the HyberX combines simplicity and elegance.

    Key Features of HyberX

    Powerful Battery

    • Equipped with a robust 500 mAh battery.
    • Features Type-C charging for extended usage.
    • A single full charge powers a 2ml Hyber Pod, offering up to 650 puffs per pod.

    Flavor Superiority

    • The G-mesh coil technology delivers a flavor profile that surpasses all ceramic coils on the market.
    • Nano-level vapor production ensures a smooth and mild vaping experience, allowing users to quickly experience nicotine effects.

    High-Quality Materials

    • Pods made from food-grade materials, catering to local tastes with customized e-liquids.
    • Available in various nicotine concentrations to suit different preferences.

    Convenient Design

    • Pre-filled design eliminates the need for coil replacement and refilling.
    • Visible e-liquid window allows users to easily monitor the e-liquid level, enhancing the overall smoking experience.
    Aspire Proteus Mini Electronic Shisha Head

    Aspire Proteus Mini Electronic Shisha Head

    The Proteus Mini is Aspire’s latest innovation in electronic shisha heads, designed to offer a traditional shisha experience with modern enhancements. This device is compact, lightweight, and compatible with most standard shisha bases.

    Key Features of Proteus Mini

    User-Friendly Interface

    • Features a 0.96-inch color screen that displays important information in real-time.
    • Supports lock/unlock functions for convenience.
    • Screen brightness can be adjusted according to personal preferences or ambient lighting conditions.

    Performance Compatibility

    • Simple power adjustment operations allow compatibility with different resistance coils for optimal performance.

    Powerful Battery

    • Equipped with a built-in 3000 mAh battery.
    • Provides an 80-watt maximum power output, making it a standout among similar products.

    Flavor Options

    • Supports common e-liquids on the market.
    • Aspire has developed several traditional shisha flavors based on local market preferences.

    Advantages of Electronic Shisha

    • Portability: Easier to carry and suitable for use in various settings.
    • No Combustion: Eliminates the need for ignition, reducing safety risks associated with flames.
    • Simulated Experience: Mimics traditional shisha while offering intelligent features and personalized options.
    • Low Residual Odor: Milder smell compared to traditional shisha.
    • Easy Maintenance: Simplifies cleaning and maintenance compared to traditional shisha.
    • Cost-Effective: More economical in the long run due to lower replacement needs for e-liquids and coils.


    What is G-mesh coil technology?

    G-mesh coil technology combines the benefits of glass and mesh to enhance vaping performance, offering ultra-fast e-liquid saturation, superior flavor, and a longer lifespan compared to traditional coils.

    How many puffs can a single Hyber Pod provide?

    A single 2ml Hyber Pod can provide up to 650 puffs.

    What are the benefits of the Proteus Mini electronic shisha head?

    The Proteus Mini offers portability, no combustion, a simulated traditional shisha experience, low residual odor, easy maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

    How does the G-mesh technology improve the vaping experience?

    G-mesh technology enhances aerosol particle fineness by 35%, offers 8x faster e-liquid saturation, increases puff count by over 70%, and operates with low power consumption.

    What battery capacity does the HyberX have?

    The HyberX is equipped with a 500 mAh battery.

    What flavors are available for the Proteus Mini?

    Aspire has developed several traditional shisha flavors based on local market preferences, in addition to supporting common e-liquids.