Vietnam Advances Tobacco Control with Focus on Health and Science

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    Discover Vietnam’s National Assembly discussions on new tobacco product management, emphasizing scientific evaluations and public health prioritization for heated tobacco and e-cigarettes.

    On June 22, during a session at the 15th National Assembly’s 7th meeting, the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam proposed that the Ministry of Health conduct scientific evaluations of new tobacco products, specifically heated tobacco and e-cigarettes. This initiative aims to refine the legal framework in the proposed amendments to Decree No. 67. The management of new tobacco products has become a significant topic among National Assembly members, highlighting the need for science-based regulations that prioritize public health.

    National Assembly’s Focus on Tobacco Product Management

    The Proposal for Scientific Evaluation

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade’s proposal underscores the importance of scientifically assessing new tobacco products to ensure they are managed effectively under the law. By involving the Ministry of Health, the aim is to base regulations on comprehensive health impact studies, ensuring that policies protect public health while considering the nuances of new tobacco technologies.

    The Importance of Health Prioritization

    Health prioritization remains at the forefront of the Assembly’s discussions. The proposed amendments to Decree No. 67 aim to incorporate findings from scientific evaluations to create a robust regulatory framework. This approach is intended to mitigate potential health risks associated with new tobacco products, aligning with international health guidelines.

    The Call for Scientific Evidence

    Statements from Assembly Members

    Assembly member Tạ Văn Hạ emphasized that although all tobacco products are harmful, the degree of harm varies. Therefore, scientifically based management measures are essential to prioritize public health effectively.

    International Perspectives on Tobacco Products

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified that heated tobacco contains tobacco components. Since the 8th Conference of the Parties (COP8), the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control has recommended that countries regulate heated tobacco according to national tobacco control laws.

    Evaluations by International Health Agencies

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has conducted multiple evaluations of heated tobacco products, assessing their health impacts and regulatory considerations.

    Public Health England and Other European Agencies

    Public Health England and other health agencies across Europe have also conducted thorough evaluations of heated tobacco, contributing to the global understanding of these products.

    Asian Health Ministries’ Evaluations

    Health ministries in countries such as Japan and South Korea have examined the impacts of heated tobacco and e-cigarettes, further enriching the scientific data available for regulatory decisions.

    Current Status in Vietnam

    The supplementary regulations on the management of new tobacco products in Vietnam are pending the scientific evaluation results from the Ministry of Health and relevant agencies.

    Public Health Concerns and Manufacturer Claims

    Health Impacts of All Tobacco Products

    Vietnamese media emphasize that all types of tobacco, including heated tobacco and e-cigarettes, impact users’ health. The necessity for stringent regulation is clear to mitigate these health risks.

    Manufacturers’ Position on Heated Tobacco

    Manufacturers claim that heated tobacco products are not intended for non-smokers but are targeted at long-term smokers who have been unable to quit. This assertion highlights the need for clear, science-based communication and regulation.

    Global Trends in Tobacco Product Regulation

    Regulatory Approaches Worldwide

    Countries worldwide are grappling with the regulation of new tobacco products, balancing public health priorities with industry pressures.

    Lessons from Other Nations

    Vietnam can learn from the regulatory experiences of other nations to develop robust policies that effectively manage the health risks associated with new tobacco products.


    Vietnam’s National Assembly is actively discussing the management of new tobacco products, emphasizing the need for scientific evaluation and public health prioritization. As the Ministry of Health and relevant agencies conduct their assessments, the findings will play a crucial role in shaping effective, evidence-based regulations. By learning from international experiences and prioritizing public health, Vietnam can develop a robust framework to manage the risks associated with new tobacco products.


    Why is scientific evaluation important for new tobacco products?

    Scientific evaluation provides evidence-based insights into the health impacts of new tobacco products, which is crucial for developing appropriate regulatory measures.

    What is Decree No. 67?

    Decree No. 67 is a legislative framework in Vietnam that governs the management and regulation of tobacco products, currently undergoing amendments to address new tobacco products.

    What are the health risks associated with heated tobacco?

    Heated tobacco contains tobacco components and poses health risks similar to traditional tobacco products, though the exact degree of harm varies.

    How have international health agencies evaluated heated tobacco?

    International health agencies like the FDA and Public Health England have conducted extensive evaluations of heated tobacco, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of its health impacts.

    What is the stance of manufacturers on heated tobacco?

    Manufacturers position heated tobacco as an alternative for long-term smokers who cannot quit, not targeting non-smokers. This claim underscores the need for clear regulatory guidelines.

    What role does public awareness play in tobacco control?

    Public awareness is vital in tobacco control as it informs individuals about the health risks associated with tobacco use, encouraging healthier choices and compliance with regulations.

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