Ukrainian Authorities Seize Millions Worth of Illegal E-Cigarettes

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    Syndicate Apprehension

    Criminal Charges:
    The General Detective Department of the State Security Service (BEB) announced charges against a six-person syndicate for selling illegally manufactured and untaxed E-cigarettes and oils, amounting to 52 million hryvnias (approximately $1.3 million).

    Organized Sales:
    The syndicate was found to organize the sale of illegally manufactured taxable goods through stores and websites, primarily operating in western regions such as Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernobyl oblasts, posing a significant threat to public health and revenue collection.

    Enforcement Actions

    Property Seizures:
    BEB conducted over 20 searches, seizing property valued at over 40 million hryvnias. Despite these efforts, the individuals involved persisted in the illegal sale of taxable goods, prompting further enforcement actions.

    Warehouse Searches:
    Subsequent searches of warehouses and sales premises by BEB resulted in the seizure of over 45,000 e-cigarettes and liquids, with a total value exceeding 12 million hryvnias.

    Legal Charges and Investigations

    Criminal Offenses:
    The six individuals involved are charged with criminal offenses under Article 28, paragraph 2, and Article 204, paragraph 1, of the Ukrainian Criminal Code, reflecting the severity of their actions and the legal consequences they face.

    Ongoing Investigations:
    Pre-trial investigations are ongoing, as authorities continue to gather evidence and build a case against the syndicate, signaling a commitment to prosecuting those involved in illicit activities related to E-cigarettes.


    Ukrainian authorities’ seizure of millions worth of illegal e-cigarettes and the apprehension of a six-person syndicate demonstrate a firm stance against illicit activities in the electronic cigarette market. With ongoing pre-trial investigations, authorities are working diligently to ensure accountability and uphold public health and regulatory standards.