Thailand Intensifies Crackdown on Illegal E-Cigarette Trade

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    In a robust enforcement action, Thai authorities have targeted a vape shop in Surat Thani and two e-cigarette warehouses in Nakhon Pathom, demonstrating Thailand’s continued efforts to curb the illegal vaping product market.

    Surat Thani Vape Shop Raid

    • Operation Details: Led by Governor Jetsada Jitrat, officials conducted a surprise inspection of a vape shop in a commercial building, arresting employee Thatthon Liusakul and seizing numerous vaping devices and e-cigarettes valued over 100,000 Thai Baht.
    • Discovery of Cannabis: Authorities also found 46 cannabis cigarettes and 500 grams of dried cannabis, complicating the legal case as Thatthon claimed these were stored for others.

    Financial Insights into the Vape Shop

    • Revenue Details: The shop’s high sales volume, reaching 40,000 Thai Baht daily and over 1 million Thai Baht monthly (about 27,000 USD), highlights the substantial demand for vaping products in the region.

    Nakhon Pathom Warehouse Raids

    • Extent of Seizure: In coordinated raids in Pak Kret District led by Lt Gen Nirundorn Luamsri, about 70,000 e-cigarettes worth approximately 20 million Thai Baht (540,000 USD) were confiscated.

    Implications for the Vaping Industry

    • Regulatory Challenges: These incidents underscore the difficulties Thai authorities face in regulating and controlling the illegal e-cigarette market.
    • Public Health Concerns: The strict enforcement reflects concerns over public health risks, particularly the popularity of vaping among youth.

    Legal and Enforcement Strategies

    • Enforcement Measures: Thailand’s government persists in its aggressive crackdown on the illegal market through raids and imposing strict penalties.
    • Legal Framework: Thailand’s laws are among the strictest globally, completely banning the sale of e-cigarettes to combat illegal trading effectively.


    The recent significant raids on illegal e-cigarette operations in Thailand reflect the government’s determined stance on regulating the market and safeguarding public health, posing ongoing challenges for the vaping industry under close scrutiny.