Thailand Customs Seizes Goods Worth 600 Million Baht in Anti-Smuggling Drive

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    Following orders from Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, Thailand’s Customs Department has intensified its efforts against smuggling, leading to significant enforcement achievements. Reports by Pattaya Mail indicate that from October 1, 2023, to April 4, 2024, the department thwarted approximately 2,300 smuggling attempts, with the seized goods amounting to about 644 million Baht (about 18 million USD).

    Key Enforcement Highlights

    This period of stepped-up enforcement has seen notable successes, especially in combating drug trafficking. The Customs officials arrested 34 suspects in 79 drug-related cases. A major focus has also been on curbing the smuggling of e-cigarettes and related accessories, with 169 cases resolved and 262,700 items confiscated, valued at 33 million Baht (about 0.89 million USD).

    Additionally, the interception of traditional cigarettes led to around 1,000 cases, involving goods worth 84.7 million Baht (about 2.3 million USD). The department also addressed 306 cases of intellectual property rights infringements, involving merchandise valued at 12 million Baht (about 0.23 million USD).

    Innovative Measures and Technology Adoption

    To enhance efficiency, Thailand’s Customs Department is incorporating new technologies and innovative measures. These improvements are designed to streamline operations and heighten the effectiveness of the country’s crackdown on illegal goods. Through these vigorous and sophisticated tactics, the Customs Department is dedicated to safeguarding Thailand’s borders and economic interests from the detrimental effects of smuggling.