Thai Police Arrest Woman for Illegal Online E-Cigarette Sales

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    On April 12th, Thai authorities apprehended Nataree Kruepue in Kamphaeng Phet Province for her involvement in illegally selling e-cigarettes through a private Line group known as @chayut#cnvapeshop. The operation, which she reportedly ran for over two years, was exposed following surveillance by Cyber Police Divisions Two and Four.

    The investigations revealed that Ms. Kruepue played a central role in the illegal trade, leading to the seizure of numerous e-cigarettes of various brands from her home. She now faces charges of aiding and abetting the concealment and distribution of smuggled goods into Thailand.

    During her interrogation, Ms. Kruepue confessed to the allegations and provided details about the pricing of the e-cigarettes, which varied from 40 to 1040 Thai Baht. Instructions to customers involved transferring payment to her account and providing shipping details for delivery via postal service.

    Following her arrest, which was conducted under a warrant issued by the Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Court, Ms. Kruepue has been transferred to the Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Police Station, Klong Lan, for further legal proceedings.