Teenage Vaping: Thailand’s Stricter Measures

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    Amidst the rapid proliferation of electronic cigarettes among teenagers and students, the Thai government is taking decisive action to curb this concerning trend. Implementing stricter control measures and imposing heavy fines on importers and sellers, Thailand aims to deter illegal sales and protect its youth from the dangers of vaping.

    Tightening Import Regulations

    • Importers of electronic cigarettes, hookahs, and electronic shisha now face fines double the price of the goods, in addition to customs duties and value-added tax.
    • Confiscated items are treated similarly to other restricted imports like alcohol and cigarettes, signaling a robust stance against vaping products.

    Law Enforcement Actions

    • In the Si Sa Ket area, district chief Kom Sangwong led a raid on the Monkey Tattoo shop, seizing 4,300 electronic cigarette devices and cash.
    • Two employees were arrested for illegal sales and possession of unauthorized cigarettes, facing fines of up to 2 million baht.
    • Similar arrests occurred in the Rayong area, targeting suspects involved in the sale of electronic cigarettes and shisha, leading to the seizure of equipment and order lists.

    Implications of Heavy Fines

    • The customs department anticipates that the imposition of high fines will elevate the cost of illegal activities, serving as a deterrent against illegal sales.
    • By increasing the financial risk associated with selling electronic cigarettes, authorities aim to dissuade individuals from engaging in these unlawful practices.

    Government’s Anti-Vaping Strategy

    • Stricter control measures and law enforcement actions underscore the government’s commitment to combatting the teenage vaping epidemic.
    • These initiatives align with broader public health efforts to safeguard youth from the harmful effects of nicotine addiction and vaping-related illnesses.

    Future Outlook

    • Continued vigilance and enforcement efforts are essential to stem the tide of teenage vaping and protect public health.
    • The Thai government remains dedicated to implementing comprehensive strategies that address both supply and demand aspects of the vaping problem.


    With the implementation of stricter control measures and heavy fines for importers and sellers, the Thai government is sending a clear message: the spread of electronic cigarettes among teenagers will not be tolerated. Through robust law enforcement actions and preventive measures, Thailand is taking proactive steps to safeguard its youth from the harmful effects of vaping and nicotine addiction, ensuring a healthier future for generations to come.