Teenage Vaping: Gangdong District’s Action Plan

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    In response to the escalating issue of teenage vaping, Gangdong District in Seoul is implementing proactive measures. Through enhanced guidance, inspections, and educational initiatives, the district aims to shield youth from the harmful effects of vaping and foster smoke-free environments around schools.

    Strengthening Guidance and Inspections

    • Gangdong District conducts regular inspections at 35 E-cigarette sales points to prevent underage purchases.
    • Enhanced monitoring deters retailers from selling to minors, enforcing regulations.

    Distribution of Prohibition Stickers

    • Stickers reminding of the ban on sales to minors will be distributed to all sales points.
    • Visual cues reinforce legal restrictions on underage sales.

    Anti-Smoking Education Initiatives

    • Anti-smoking education tours raise awareness among students about vaping’s health risks.
    • Education aims to deter vaping experimentation among adolescents.

    Creation of Smoke-Free Zones

    • Smoke-free zones around school routes increased from 4 to 32 locations.
    • Collaboration with pet dog patrols promotes smoke-free activities, fostering healthy environments.

    Minister’s Emphasis on Teenage Health

    • Minister of Health Promotion highlights risks of adolescent smoking, emphasizing addiction and health complications.
    • Commitment to protecting teenagers underscores the need for comprehensive measures.


    Gangdong District’s proactive approach sets an example in fighting teenage vaping. Strengthening regulations, conducting educational initiatives, and promoting smoke-free environments safeguard youth health. Collaboration is key to addressing the vaping challenge and creating a healthier future.