Spain’s Stricter Regulations on KOLs to Curb Tobacco Advertising

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    Spain’s government has enacted Royal Decree 444/2024 to regulate Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and protect audiences from harmful tobacco advertising. This decree aims to restrict the dissemination of tobacco-related content by influential digital content creators.

    Defining Particularly Important Users (KOLs)

    • Particularly important users, such as influencers and video bloggers, wield significant influence and generate substantial income through digital platforms.
    • Criteria for identification include annual income exceeding €300,000 and a large following on video-sharing platforms.

    Mandatory Registration and Compliance for KOLs

    • KOLs meeting defined criteria must register with a designated national registry and comply with regulations to safeguard users, especially minors, from harmful tobacco advertising.
    • Registration on designated online platforms ensures adherence to regulatory standards.

    Restrictions on Tobacco Advertising

    • Royal Decree 444/2024 prohibits KOLs from publishing tobacco advertisements, including those for electronic cigarettes.
    • Stricter regulations also apply to pharmaceutical, alcohol, and gambling advertisements, with the aim of mitigating risks for underage audiences.

    Protecting Audiences, Particularly Minors

    • Spain aims to protect audiences, particularly minors, from exposure to harmful or inappropriate tobacco advertising by implementing strict regulations on KOLs.
    • Mandatory registration and compliance contribute to safeguarding users’ well-being.

    Ensuring Compliance and Enforcement

    • Compliance with Royal Decree 444/2024 is crucial for KOLs operating within Spain’s digital landscape.
    • Regulatory authorities will enforce the decree and take action against non-compliance to uphold established standards.


    Spain’s adoption of Royal Decree 444/2024 demonstrates its commitment to curbing tobacco advertising by KOLs and protecting audiences, especially minors. By imposing strict regulations on KOLs and advertising content, the government prioritizes user well-being in the digital realm. Mandatory registration and compliance requirements aim to foster a safer and more responsible online environment for all.