Spain Launches Public Consultation on Tobacco Legislation Reforms

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    On April 8th, Spain’s Ministry of Health announced the commencement of a public consultation aimed at overhauling the regulations surrounding the manufacture, display, and marketing of tobacco products and their equivalents. This announcement follows the approval of the Comprehensive Plan for the Prevention and Control of Smoking during the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) meeting on April 5th. This plan is set to steer the direction of health related actions in the upcoming years.

    Health Minister Mónica García has taken proactive steps by initiating a review of the existing tobacco laws, specifically targeting Royal Decree 579/2017, established on June 9, 2017. The decree currently governs various aspects of tobacco product management, including their manufacture, display, and marketing.

    Key Focus Areas of the Amendment

    • Addressing the rising consumption of tobacco related products.
    • Tackling the exposure of the general population, particularly young people, to new forms of nicotine consumption.
    • Updating current regulations to better accommodate the influx of new market products.
    • Enhancing the effectiveness of health warnings and reducing the attractiveness of tobacco product packaging.
    • Improving regulations for nicotine free e-cigarettes and herbal smoking products.

    Proposed Measures

    • Implementation of plain packaging to enhance the labeling and presentation of tobacco products.
    • Categorization of emerging tobacco related products.
    • Banning of additives and flavoring ingredients that enhance the appeal of tobacco and related products to consumers.

    The public consultation period is scheduled to last for two weeks, starting from April 8 and concluding on April 23. During this time, citizens, organizations, and associations are encouraged to provide their feedback and suggestions through the Ministry of Health’s website, contributing to the shaping of future tobacco control policies in Spain.