Spain Enhances Tobacco Control Following Public Consultation

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    Spain is poised to enhance its tobacco control policies significantly, concluding a public consultation that could introduce stricter measures aimed at reducing tobacco use nationwide.

    Overview of SESAPS’s Recommendations

    Plain Packaging Implementation

    SESPAS has recommended plain packaging to reduce tobacco product appeal to youth, aligning with global trends that have successfully decreased tobacco attractiveness.

    Updated Classification for Emerging Products

    Recognizing the rise of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco, SESAPS calls for updated classifications to extend traditional tobacco regulations to these products.

    Expanded Ban on Flavorings

    SESPAS proposes extending flavoring bans in tobacco products to deter youth from starting smoking, aiming to lower initiation rates among young people.

    Potential Impact of the Proposed Reforms

    Public Health Benefits

    The proposed measures could significantly benefit public health by reducing youth smoking rates and lowering related long-term health issues.

    Regulatory Challenges

    The implementation faces potential challenges, including opposition from tobacco industries and the necessity of ensuring that new regulations are enforceable and effective.

    SESAPS’s Evaluation of Current Proposals

    While positive about the proposed reforms, SESAPS criticizes the omission of certain measures from the Madrid Declaration, such as higher tobacco taxes and more extensive smoke-free zones, which could enhance the strategy’s effectiveness.


    Spain’s movement towards robust tobacco control reforms marks an essential phase in enhancing public health protections. The forthcoming decisions will critically shape Spain’s tobacco policy landscape, aiming to curb consumption and safeguard public health, especially among the youth.