São Paulo’s Crackdown On Illegal E-Cigarette Sales

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    São Paulo, Brazil: Tax authorities target illegal e-cigarette sales, aiming to curb tax evasion and disrupt organized crime networks operating around Avenida Paulista and Rua 25 de Março.

    Understanding the Crackdown

    Uncovering Illegal Sales

    Brazil’s Federal Revenue Service uncovered 32 shops involved in illegal e-cigarette sales since 2009, contributing to significant tax evasion.

    Scale of the Operation

    With 160 staff involved, goods worth 5 to 10 million Brazilian reals were seized, highlighting the impact of illegal e-cigarette sales.

    Escalating Concerns

    The revenue service seized 27 million Brazilian reals worth of e-cigarettes in January alone, revealing links to organized crime.

    Implications and Next Steps

    Combating Online Retail

    Efforts now target online retail platforms and social media to address the evolving landscape of illegal e-cigarette sales.

    São Paulo’s Significance

    As a major city and transportation hub, São Paulo’s regulatory efforts have significant regional impact.


    The crackdown on illegal e-cigarette sales in São Paulo demonstrates efforts to uphold regulations and combat organized crime, safeguarding public health and financial integrity.