Russian Speaker Urges Stricter Tobacco, E-Cigarette Regulation

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    Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin addresses the need for stricter regulation of tobacco and e-cigarette sales during a recent plenary session, particularly regarding minors’ access to these products.

    Volodin’s Advocacy for Tighter Regulation

    Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin underscores the necessity of reassessing current suspension measures to safeguard public health, emphasizing the accessibility of these products to minors and advocating for stricter regulation of commercial networks involved in their sale.

    Addressing Misuse of Suspension Measures

    Volodin highlights the misuse of suspension measures, calling for the separation of businesses selling “small taverns” and e-cigarettes from other establishments to prevent conflation and ensure appropriate regulation.

    Protecting Children from Potential Risks

    The Speaker emphasizes the risks associated with the unrestricted sale of potentially harmful products to children, urging the State Duma and relevant authorities to develop new policies and measures to protect public health and safety.

    Proposed Policies and Measures

    Volodin’s speech signals a call to action for the State Duma and relevant authorities to devise new policies and measures to address the challenges posed by tobacco and e-cigarette sales, aiming to establish clearer boundaries and enhance oversight.


    Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin’s advocacy for tighter regulation of tobacco and e-cigarette sales highlights the importance of prioritizing public health concerns. By calling for stricter oversight and the development of new policies, Volodin seeks to mitigate the risks associated with minors’ access to these products and ensure greater accountability in the marketplace.