Russia Proposes Total Ban on E-Cigarettes

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    In Russia, a legislative initiative is advancing that aims to ban all sales of e-cigarettes and vaping products, including nicotine-free versions. This proposal, supported by members from various political parties, reflects growing concerns over the increase in e-cigarette use among teenagers.

    Details of the Proposed Legislation

    The bill, still gathering signatures and undergoing consultations, is anticipated to be presented to the State Duma soon. According to a draft accessed by TASS, it seeks to prohibit the sale of any products containing nicotine, synthetic nicotine, nicotine salts, and any devices associated with their consumption.

    Rationale Behind the Proposal

    Supporters of the legislation point to a disturbing rise in the usage of e-cigarettes among teens, including non-nicotine products, which they believe still pose health risks. Current regulations that limit the sale and advertising of e-cigarettes are deemed insufficient and too easily circumvented, especially by minors.

    Implications of the Ban

    Should it be enacted, this comprehensive ban would represent a major policy shift in how Russia handles the regulation of vaping products. It underscores the increasing concerns about these products’ accessibility to young people and the potential health risks of vaping.