PTC Plans to Export Nicotine Pouches to Japan

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    Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) unveils its “Pakistan Manufactured 3.0” plan, signaling a pivotal moment. By exporting nicotine pouch Velo to Japan, PTC aims to expand globally and boost Pakistan’s economy.

    Launch of “Pakistan Manufactured 3.0” Plan

    PTC’s “Pakistan Manufactured 3.0” plan marks a strategic shift, focusing on international expansion. This initiative highlights PTC’s commitment to innovation and economic growth through nicotine pouch exports to Japan.

    Expected Annual Revenue and Economic Impact

    PTC anticipates $100 million in annual revenue from exports, benefiting Pakistan’s economy.This venture strengthens PTC’s revenue streams and contributes to economic development.

    Recognition of PTC’s Contribution

    As Pakistan’s first multinational, PTC significantly impacts the national economy. Recognized with the “Top Taxpayer Award,” PTC’s fiscal contribution exceeds 680 billion rupees in five years.

    Ministerial Endorsement and Industry Support

    Federal Minister Jam Kamal Khan commends PTC’s initiative for Pakistan’s economic progress. Government support and industry endorsement, including from British American Tobacco Group, bolster PTC’s strategic move.

    Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

    PTC prioritizes innovation and sustainability in exporting nicotine pouches. CEO Ali Akbar emphasizes sensible regulation for long-term success.